SimCity Buildit Hack App

First of all, we need to give a warning out. ALL cheats, hacks and trainers that require you to download anything other then the regular game are COUNTERFEIT. Only trust me, they’re not genuine and most likely contain viruses, malware or anything else that’s not harmless for the pc or mobile phone. The reason I’m so certain they do not perform? It’s quite straightforward: Everything in Simcity Buildit is completed on the server-side so you cannot ‘hack’ the sport. I will get more.

Presently there 100s of sites offering some kind of hacking device that promises to give boundless amounts of gold keys, Simoleons or Simbucks to you. You can find even more info video’s on that “reveal” you functioning cracks for the game, but in case you look closer you see it is just edited in the video. A hyperlink is given by them to some dishonest site that needs something to be downloaded by you. And when you do, you are in-trouble.

All activities that are being done in Simcity, are being completed on the server-side. Not the customer side. So when you should be awarded Simoleons for developing a house, the host sends you the money and verifies if you deserve it. And that’s why all these websites claiming to give you infinite cash are fraudulent.

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